We organized discussion around six animating questions, and assigned a mix of participants to contribute to workstreams addressing each one. Click below to view workstream membership.

workstream 1

Who are working learners, and how can we best recognize and honor their diversity?


Ilana Horwitz Rick Settersten

workstream 2

How can we improve job search and employer evaluation, hiring and promotion practices to better serve working learners?


Sean Gallagher

workstream 3

How should we grow the sciences of adult learning and academic progress?


Rachel Baker Zach Pardos

workstream 4

How can we best support the academic engagement and persistence of working learners?


Cathrael ("Kate") Kazin

workstream 5

How can we foster stronger connections between working learners, colleges, universities and workplaces?


Geleana Alston

workstream 6

How should we observe, measure, and compare the learning, occupational and other gains from opportunities for working learners?


Richard Arum Mitchell Stevens